Brazil Customer inspecting the drum dryer

Scarper Drum dryer is an internal heating conduction rotary drying equipment. Wet materials can obtain heat transferred by heat conduction on the outer wall of the drum, remove water and reach the required moisture content. The heat is transferred from the inner wall of the cylinder to the outer wall of the cylinder, and then passes through the material film. The heat efficiency is high and can be operated continuously. Therefore, it is widely used for drying liquid or strip materials. It is widely used for drying paste and viscous materials It's more suitable. It can be divided into two forms: single cylinder and double drum dryer. In addition, the operation pressure can be divided into two types: atmospheric pressure and pressure reduction.

Our Brazil customer buy XDT 600x800 Scarper Drum Dryer for fish food,after we finished,the customers testing and inpsecting the drum dryer in our factory,our customer are very satisfied our machine.