SWT Spiral wound tube heat exchanger

  • SWT Spiral wound tube heat exchanger
SWT Spiral wound tube heat exchanger

SWT Spiral wound tube heat exchanger

  • Exchanger Type:Spirl wound
  • Material: SUS304
  • ODM: Avalible
  • Delivert time: 35 dyas
  • Product description: Billicom's SWT Spiral wound tube heat exchanger is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries
Product Description:

What is SWT Spiral wound tube heat exchanger

Among many high efficiency and energy-saving heat exchangers, winding tube heat exchanger has irreplaceable position in some industrial processes because of its unique advantages, such as compact structure, high heat exchange efficiency, long service life and good economic benefits. If the working pressure can reach 2MPa, it is difficult to be provided by other heat exchangers. At present, the spiral wound tube heat exchanger is widely used in petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, air separation and liquefied natural gas.


1. Due to the unique spiral wound tube structure, the material and circulating water form a strong turbulent flow state in the heat exchanger, making the cold and hot media fully contact with the tube wall, greatly improving the heat transfer effect.

2. Spiral wound tube structure, the length of the heat exchange tube is 3-6 times of the shell length. Generally, the length of our heat exchange tube is about 2-4 meters, so that the material stays longer in the heat exchange tube and the heat exchange is more sufficient. Moreover, we make full use of the finite element principle, we have many thin tubes in the heat exchanger, and the material is unitized, so that the contact area between the material and the tube wall is increased, and the temperature of the material at the outlet is decreased more Low cost, complete condensation, improved recovery.

3. Fouling of heat exchanger is the most direct reason for reducing heat exchange efficiency and service life of heat exchanger. Due to the slow circulating water flow speed of tube and spiral plate heat exchanger, the water temperature near the tube wall is high during heat exchange, and the calcium and magnesium ions in water begin to be active when the normal water temperature is about 50 ℃, The higher the temperature, the more intense the reaction with carbon dioxide in water, forming magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate attachments, reducing the heat transfer effect, resulting in a vicious circle. Our design ensures that the pressure loss of the circulating water in the heat exchanger is small, so that the circulating water in the heat exchanger maintains a high flow rate, so that the laminar flow on the surface of the heat exchange tube is low. Even if the temperature reaches the reaction temperature of calcium and magnesium ions, the high flow rate will also make the attachment wash out, and our heat exchange tube is passivated, and the special treatment makes our heat exchange tube wall very smooth, Dirt is not easy to adhere to the tube wall, if the normal row of tubes and spiral plate need a year to clear the dirt, our heat exchanger at least in more than a year and a half.

4. The structure is compact and the heat exchange efficiency is high. Because of its compact structure, the turbulent effect is produced when the fluid flows through the tube side and shell side, so the heat exchange efficiency bureau is very strong.

5. The pulling force of tube plate is almost zero. In the process of medium cold and heat exchange, the tube bundle is subject to greater thermal stress when the temperature difference between cold and heat in fluid medium is large. In the heat exchanger of the tube, the contact between tube plate and pipe is often damaged due to the thermal stress. Because of the spiral winding structure of the tube bundle of the wound tube heat exchanger, the heat stress of the heat exchanger can be eliminated by itself. Therefore, the pulling off force of the tube plate is almost zero, which is not easy to damage and the life of the heat exchanger is prolonged.

6. The long-term operation has good economic benefits and high heat exchange efficiency of spiral wound tube heat exchanger. Therefore, the same heat exchange is needed in the same case of the same heat exchange logarithm difference, which requires a small heat exchange area and less energy consumption; in addition, the pulling force of the tube plate of the spiral wound tube heat exchanger is almost zero, which is not easy to damage. Therefore, the winding tube heat exchanger can save the production and maintenance cost in the process of long-term operation.

7. It is easy to be large-scale. Because of the limitation of the length of heat exchanger, it is not easy to make the ratio of length to diameter larger. If the diameter is large, the thickness of shell and tube plate is increased, it is not only uneconomical but also unfavorable for manufacturing and transportation. The coil structure is adopted in the winding tube heat exchanger, which can be made into a large ratio of length to diameter.

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