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  • Electric rotary discharge valve
Electric rotary discharge valve

Electric rotary discharge valve

  • Type:Electric rotary discharge valve
  • Material: Stainless steel or Carbon steel
  • ODM & OEM: Avalible
  • Delivery time: 35 dyas
  • Product description: Billicom Electric rotary discharge valve is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries
Product Description:

What is the Electric rotary discharge valve

Electric rotary discharge valve, also known as rotary valve, is a mechanical device that changes the valve from open to closed by rotating baffle and other rotating parts. It can be divided into chain drive electric rotary discharge valve, belt drive electric rotary discharge valve and electric direct drive electric rotary discharge valve. The motor drives the impeller of the main shaft through the reducer and passes through the impeller groove from the upper silo. According to the requirements of raw materials, particle size, temperature and service environment, the electric rotary discharge valve can be designed and manufactured according to the production needs.

Working Pricinple

Electric rotary discharge valve is an important device in pneumatic conveying system. In the positive and negative pressure conveying system, the electric rotary discharge valve can supply the conveying pipeline evenly and continuously. Rotary valve is very suitable for positive and negative pressure pneumatic conveying system. Dust removal equipment, precision feed and other opportunities.

The electric rotary discharge valve has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, good air tightness, stable operation, uniform blanking, weight reduction and energy saving. The slow rotation of the rotor and the inner cavity of the rotor and the shell can be used as the air supply and locking air flow, which can effectively prevent the backflow of air flow, stabilize the atmospheric pressure of the system and normal material discharge.

Main Feature

The electric rotary discharge valve consists of rotor, shell, seal, motor and ash remover with multiple blades. When the rotor is rotating in a cylindrical shell, the material falling from the upper hopper weight is filled in the space between the blades. The rotor is discharged to the bottom of the blade during the rotation, so that the material is transported evenly and continuously. The advantages of early unloading are adopted. It is a mechanical automation control system, is a unified, continuous batch processing, transportation, unloading device.

The specific functions are as follows.

1. The structure of the electric rotary discharge valve is strong, compact, beautiful, small in volume, light in weight, high in production capacity and convenient in maintenance and operation.

2. Shell and impeller are designed and processed with special structure, which is easy to produce special materials such as high temperature, high pressure, high hardness, high viscosity, static electricity and superfine;

3. The machining precision of electric rotary discharge valve is high, and the clearance is very small.

4. The special shell inlet and outlet section effectively prevents the crushing shear and shear failure of granular materials.

5. The interface between the exhaust channel and the exhaust pipe in the box is designed to balance the pressure, which improves the working efficiency without accumulation of material.

6. The polishing precision of the electric rotary discharge valve can reach 400 ℃. It is suitable for the transportation of food and medicine grade materials.

7. Driven by cycloid needle wheel reducer, the electric rotary discharge valve is equipped with variable frequency or stepless transmission to realize quantitative or stepless transmission.

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Q:Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A:We are group company 20 years experience professional manufacturer of drying machine,mixing machine,granulating machine.And we also have 20 years experience for exporting machines.

Q:Where is your factory located?

A:The factory located in Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,near in Shanghai.Form Shanghai Pudong airprot to the factory is about 260Km,it need about 3 hours by car.

Q:If can make a testing in your factory?

A:Sure,our factory have Spray Dryer Machine for testing, you can take 10~50kgs raw material to our factory for testing.

Q:How Can I select the right Spray dryer Machine ?

A:We will help you choose the right type and model for Spray dryer Machine, by knowing the following information:

Liquid name and property: Solid contents(or water contents), viscosity , surface tension and PH value.

Dried powder density residual water contents allowed, particle size, and maximum temperature allowed.

Output capacity: shift time daily .

Energy that can be supplied: steam pressure, electricity properly , fuel of coal, oil and natural gas .

Control requirement: whether or not the inlet and outlet temperatures should be controlled.PLC or button type,electric component brand require.

Powder collection requirement: whether it’s necessary to use cloth bag filter and the requirement of the environment of the exhausted gas .

Other special requirements.

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